Kurage hime

Kuranosuke Koibuchi



weheartit pisses me off so much


my art and my friends’ art is on there with the worst kind of sources that don’t even lead back anywhere. 

There is so much unsourced art on weheartit it physically makes me ill. 

We need to kill that site with this petition please.

The only thing i can imagine now is wes getting accidentaly hurt by danny


*desperately tries to slip out of the art block because wes*


He’d be so pissed

and Danny would die each time he passed by the boy on the hallway because Wes would give him a cold and angry stare and oh my g o d


gee what do you mean i draw abe too much….

mass post editor

ok ill try that thanks!

ok so i have a tagging dilemma

i want to have all my art stuff thats NOT danny phantom in its own tag

i know that tag replacer is a thing and it lets you add tags but is there anything that will let you remove a specific tag from everything tagged with a specific OTHER tag

so like if all my art is tagged with A

and i want to tag dp stuff as B and non dp stuff as C…

say i use tag replacer to add C to everything tagged A

is there a way to then REMOVE the C tag from everything thats tagged B?….

i wanna fix up my blog

Onoda Sakamichi ~


Danny Phantom
Female Rock Chick Set.
by: Yours Truly

Sam Manson
Kitty and
Ember McClain

I’m kinda thinking of drawing a Responsible Chick set.

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i know that feel bro

for me it is less a feel and more a constant state of being


Even broken things can still be beautiful. [via]

I FEEL YOU OK the end of the list always seems miles away IT NEVER GETS ANY CLOSER

pretty sure it in fact gets longer the more things i check off the list tbh

was having adventure time feels but wasnt emotionally ready to fanart for the latest ep so instead i opted for coloring practice w my baby fish princess since i havent drawn her in a while